Posted by: Jenny | May 1, 2011

Ready, set, go

May 1 is winding to a close, and my first attempt at daily blogging nearly got away from me. Such is life. Good intentions, even when committed to paper (or announced via Twitter), often get bumped by other important, critical issues which pop up at the last minute. Or just by stuff. Usually, just by stuff.

Today, writing got bumped by a fairly legitimate excuse – I kept dozing off. Back surgery on Tuesday, which was then repeated Wednesday because I liked it so much the first time, necessitates strong narcotics, which knock me out most of the time. I spent the day dozing, feeling sorry for myself, giving myself pep talks, dozing, calculating med dosages to take the least amount with the biggest effect, etc. I was busy.

So here we are, nearly 8:30 p.m., bedtime (or another round of dozing) looming, and it occurs to me that maybe I should spend some of my day planning a blog topic so as to avoid a rambling mess of words strung together. Too late for today, but tomorrow will bring a fresh and less painful mindset, and plan I shall.

In the meantime, I’ve got work to do. I enjoy the freedom that blogging offers, unlike working as a reporter for a daily paper. However, I do miss my editorial calendar, receiving tips, requests and assignments that came from my editor, fellow reporters or the community. Structure is good. So is freedom. Therefore, I’ll strike a balance between answering the request to write what others want to read and the desire to explore what stories lurk inside my brain and heart.


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