Posted by: Jenny | May 2, 2011

Pain on the Brain

It’s been a tough day for me, and as I’m hoping to get a good stretch of sleep, I realize I didn’t write today. So this lame couple of paragraphs will be my pathetic submission to count for day two of my blogging challenge.

Nerve pain plays funny tricks on the mind. Makes you question your own toughness and whether you’re just so weak that even the powerful Dilaudid doesn’t touch that particular area of pain. My train of thought hasn’t veered too far off this track, which is why I didn’t write. It feels too self-serving to even go there…so I won’t.

Tomorrow will bring me one day further into my recovery and put more time between my mental state of mind and the trauma of last week.



  1. What a lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing. Family and friends are just a great part of life. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

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