Posted by: Jenny | May 3, 2011

Life as we’ll always know it

Evil. With us from the beginning of time, and will be with us always. We took down one leader – what does this mean for his followers? Will his movement fracture and fall apart? Will someone take up the reins and continue his work?

Here’s what I think: Evil exists and is personified, but it isn’t rampant. Evil leaders come along, gather a following of weak-willed sociopaths, and as long as the leader is physically present, they flourish. Cut down that leader, and eventually the group peters out, unable to pull up a new leader among their ranks.

They’ll want to continue bin Laden’s mission, but without leadership, it can’t happen. And because evil like this comes along only every so often, there’s no one of this magnitude waiting in the wings to take his spot.

Another evil sociopath is being raised right now – probably several around the world – but each will have his own agenda. Some will have a local focus – like Jim Jones and his followers. Others will be more global in their hatred of humanity, and eventually our daily lives will exist to the background chatter of where is he/what’s he planning/are we safe?

How do we change this? Or is this an inevitable part of the human experience? Any thoughts?


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