Posted by: Jenny | September 7, 2013

In Dreams

Last night I spent time with my late, great friend, Mark Daly.

In my dream, he and his wife, Nicole, were having a “Night Before We Paint The Walls” party. Guests were invited to write messages on the walls that were to be painted over. Mark wanted his family surrounded by loving – or funny – messages from their friends and family. He also dug the idea that in 100 years, when some young couple set out to make this house their home, they might start stripping layers of paint and discover these messages, much like a home restorer might find old newspapers in the attic.

Did they ever do this in real life? Not that I know of. Did Mark ever have this thought? Maybe, maybe not. But I don’t think it’s accidental that I dreamed that he did.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to believe that our loved ones visit us in our dreams. Maybe it’s the influence of “The Sixth Sense”; I don’t know. But there’s something so comforting when I dream about my dad, or my grandma, or my friends long gone from my sight.

While I know it’s the neurons and synapses in my brain creating these dreams, I still feel as though I’ve spent time with those I miss so dearly; I still feel I discovered something fresh about the person I long to spend time with.

Mark died in February 2007. Today, I’ve been reminiscing. Remembering his gigantic personality, his sense of humor, the love he had for his wife and kids, the deep friendships he cultivated, and the influence he had on me. Today, I feel like he gave me another insight into who he was. Although I’m certain there are no hidden messages beneath the paint in Nicole’s house, the long-ago laughter that filled their home when Mark was alive still cloak his family in love.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! SO nice to read something you have written, my friend!!! I do honestly believe he came to you to make you laugh and make you remember him. I’d bet there is something to your dream and that maybe if not inside a whole room of his house that somewhere he did leave a message or messages for his family! It’s just that no one has found them yet and maybe he wants you to put the thought into his family members’ heads to start looking!!!! Good stuff Jennifer! xoxoxoox


    • Thank you!!


  2. So interesting that this fantastical dream is “so Mark” ; ) What a fun guy, can’t believe he’s been gone so long, but never forgotten that’s for sure!


    • I just can’t shake the feeling I spent actual time with him, too. I cried when I told Matt about the dream; it was so real and so realistic. Thanks for reading 🙂


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